2013-       BA of Arts, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY

                      Concentration- Painting, Printmaking, and Ceramics

                       Internship Kentucky Mudworks, Lexington KY, February 2013           



    2013-       Group Exhibition, First Editions, Riverworks Gallery, Greenville SC

    2012-       Solo Exhibition, BA Exhibit, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY

    2012-       Group Exhibition, SoFA, George Town College, George Town

    2011-       Group Exhibition, University Open, Arts Place, Lexington KY




    2015-      Corporate Commission, Southeastern Climbing Coalition, Set of three:                         Rocktown, Predator Wall, The Shield. Mixed Media (18”x24”-12”x24”)

    2015-       Corporate Commission, Local Juice, Color Block, Large Scale Mural

    2015-       Private Commission, Mandala, Pastel (24”x18”)

    2015-       Private Commission, Precarious, Pastel (24”x18”)

    2015-       Private Commission, Sonic And Tails Real Time, Pastel (12”x22”)

    2015-       Private Commission, Tea And Crumpets, Pastel (1’x2’)

   2016-      Corporate Commission, God’s Pantry, Event Piece:
            Taste the Bluegrass. Acrylic (15”x 20”)



Print Media

    2015-      Bowman, Kelsie.“The Art Of Climbing.“Get Out Magazine.”                                  November,2015.


Technical Abilities

    2011-2013       Print Shop Independent Study, Asbury University, Wilmore KY
            operational and safety knowledge of shop press and shop tools

    2012-2013      Ceramics Studio Assistant, Asbury University, Wilmore KY
            working knowledge of kiln firing and clay maintenance

    2013-      Wood Shop Experience, Asbury University, Wilmore KY

                      Use of shop tools and saws, specializing in framing.


International Travel
Costa Rica, Permaculture and Language Study, July-September 2013

Paris France, Art Studies, May 2010

Malawi Africa, Relief Effort and Sustainability Practice, june-july 2007

Represented By
Peace Strength Yoga, Event Space, Chattanooga TN

Joy N. Taylor

Born in Gumberry, NC

Lives & works in Chattanooga, TN


Joy Taylor creates environmental based work centered on animal subject matter. After graduating with a BA in Art, Joy has continued to work and explore new mediums to express a postmodern sense of humor. 

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