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Joy N. Taylor


2013- BA of Arts, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY

Internship Kentucky Mudworks, Ceramics Studio, Lexington KY, February 2013




Group Exhibition, Excelsior, DAB Art, H Gallery | Ventura CA 

Group Exhibition, Fourth National Invitational, Conroe Art League | Conroe TX 


Group Exhibition, AVA Members Exhibit Association of the Visual Arts | Chattanooga TN Group Exhibition, Best of Tennessee Craft 2018, Customs House Museum | Nashville,TN Group Exhibition, AVA Salon Show Association of the Visual Arts | Chattanooga TN 

Group Competition, 8th Annual Botanical & Floral Art Competition Light Space Time Online Art Gallery


Solo Exhibition, Botanical Revival, Holistic Health, Chattanooga TN


Group Exhibition, First Editions, Riverworks Gallery, Greenville SC


Solo Exhibition, BA Exhibit, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY

Group Exhibition, SOFA, George Town College, George Town KY


Group Exhibition, University Open, Arts Place, Lexington KY



2021- Private Commission, “The Not So Tough Pup!”, Children’s book illustrations

Private Commission, “Fluff & Tuff; The big Wiff” Character Design illustration

2019- Corporate Commission, Chattanooga Zoo: Savana Mural

Corporate Commission, Chattanooga Zoo: Jungle Mural

2018- Corporate Commission, Flash Foxy: Sunset Climber, Marketing Image (9”x12”)

2018- Private commission, Koi Pond, Oil Painting (40”x81”)

2018- Corporate Commission, Creative Discovery Museum, Sky Murals, Two Murals 


2018- Corporate Commission, Yoga Landing: Lotus, Logo Design

2018- Corporate Commission, Richland Creek Dental, Collaboration: Monkey Town, 

Mural (25’x25’)

2017- Grant, Arts Build, Public Art Chattanooga TN, Fox Out of the Box, Mural 


2017- Corporate Commission,The Edney Building, Collaboration: DEW, Mural (30’x8’)

2017- Corporate Commission, Acupuncture Station: Winding, Oil Painting (6’x3’)

2017- Private commission, UnderBrush: Tryptic Pastel (3, 12”x24”)

2017- Private commission, Pet Portrait: Twins, Pastel (11”x14”)

2017- Private commission, Pet Portrait: Grey Cat, Pastel (11”x14”)

2016- Corporate Commission, Children’s Advocacy Center, Medical Chattanooga, Mural (16’x8’)

2016- Private commission, Pet Portrait: Huskey, Pastel (11”x14”)

2016- Private commission, Botanical Parnassia Gladifolia,, Pastel (18”x12”)

2016- Private commission, The Fire And The Flood, Pastel (10”x12”)

2016- Private commission, Little Big Wall Series, Set of Five Pastels (10”x12”)

2016- Private commission, Botanical Iris, Pastel (18”x24”)

2016- Corporate Commission, Wildflower, Collaboration: Window Painting,

Glass painting (10”x9’)

2016- Corporate Commission, Society of Work, Collaboration: SOW, Mural (30”x7”)

2016- Corporate Commission, The Edney, Collaboration: Drip, Mural (8”x7’)

2016- Corporate Commission, The Edney, Collaboration: Wormholes, Mural (10”x9’)

2016- Corporate Commission, Peace Strength Yoga, Vinyl divide, Vinyl art (4’x3’)

2016- Corporate Commission, Peace Strength Yoga, Chalk Art (6’x4’)

2016- Private commission, Air Stream Traveler, Pastel (11”x14”)

2016- Private commission, Minorca, Pastel (11”x14”)

2016- Private commission, Air Stream Traveler, Pastel (11”x14”)

2016- Corporate Commission, Fit +, Menu Chalk Board, (8’x10’)

2016- Corporate Commission, Local Juice, Menu Board (6’x4’)

2016- Corporate Commission, God’s Pantry, Event Piece:
Taste the Bluegrass. Acrylic (15”x 20”)

2015- Corporate Commission, Southeastern Climbing Coalition, Set of three:

Rocktown, Predator Wall, The Shield. Mixed Media (18”x24”-12”x24”)

2015- Corporate Commission, Pura Vida, Color Block, Large Scale Mural

2015- Private Commission, Mandala, Pastel (24”x18”)

2015- Private Commission, Precarious, Pastel (24”x18”)

2015- Private Commission, Sonic And Tails Real Time, Pastel (12”x22”)

2015- Private Commission, Tea And Crumpets, Pastel (1’x2’)


Print Media

2015- Bowman, Kelsie.“The Art Of Climbing.“Get Out Magazine.”    November,2015.


Technical Abilities

2011-2013 Print Shop Independent Study, Asbury University, Wilmore KY
operational and safety knowledge of shop press and shop tools

2012-2013 Ceramics Studio Assistant, Asbury University, Wilmore KY
working knowledge of kiln firing and clay maintenance

2013- Wood Shop Experience, Asbury University, Wilmore KY

Use of shop tools and saws, specializing in framing.


International Travel
Costa Rica, Permaculture and Language Study, July-September 2013

Paris France, Art Studies, May 2010

Malawi Africa, Relief Effort and Sustainability Practice, june-july 2007

Represented By

The Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga TN
Peace Strength Yoga, Event Space, Chattanooga TN

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